Outstanding Spanish Guitar Music
Solo Guitar - Calvin Lai, Artist
Daniel Fries

Solo Spanish Guitar

Solo Spanish Guitar can be a great option especially to set a mood of elegance for a smaller or more intimate gatherings. Background music for dinners, events in quiet places like museums. Wedding ceremonies, and pre-ceremony music. But solo guitar doesn't have to stay quiet; it's also possible to lift the energy with more uptempo solo guitar, even add a loop pedal for the sound of more than 1 guitar.

Daniel Fríes playing at a Napa Valley Winery

Daniel Fríes playing his composition "Red Rumba" as a soloist. No power required!

Daniel Fríes playing solo flamenco guitar at the Cantor Museum, Stanford, CA

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Daniel Fríes - some solo guitar recordings and a photo

Daniel Fríes playing with a loop pedal. Power source required.

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Oil on Canvas - Painting of Guitarist Daniel Fríes by San Francisco artist Calvin Lai